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Mix & Match

The Mix & Match offers allow to combine different items into specially created offers. Mix & Match offer is a discount or deal price which is given on complex item combinations.

Items, item variants, product groups and item categories can be included in mix & match offers to allow discounts when customers buy a specific quantity and/ or combination of items.

To create mix & match discounts:

Step 1: Click on: LS Retail - BackOffice > Offers > Mix & Match.

Step 2: Create a new mix & match offer:

Mix & Match

Step 3: Under the 'General' FastTab fill in the 'Description' and 'Price Group' fields.

Step 4: Under the 'Benefits' FastTab select the discount type and set the appropriate value according to the selected discount type.

Step 5: Under the 'Mix & Match Lines' FastTab select whether the offer is valid for an item, product group or item category.

Step 6: In the 'No.' field select the corresponding number according to your choice in the 'Type' field.

Step 7: Enter the necessary information in each line, for example determining in the 'Line Group' field to which group the line belongs. The setup of line groups means that a customer should buy one item from one group and the other item from another group to activate the mix and match offer.

This way you can create as many lines for each item, product group or item category as needed to include in the mix & match offer.


Using the 'Exclude' check box you can also forbid usage of the mix & match discount offer for any item, product group or item category.

Step 8: To activate an offer click 'Enable' at the top of the window.

To edit or delete the offer firstly it should be disabled.

Under the 'Periodic Trigger' FastTab you can also set limits on the validation period for the offer.

An item can be valid in many offers. In this case you can define priority of the offers under the 'General' FastTab.

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