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Store Coupons

A store coupon code or barcode can be entered in the webshop to get a discount (amount or percentage) on the item or all items in the shopping basket.

To create a store coupon:

Step 1: Click on: LS Retail - Backoffice > Coupons > Store Coupon List.

Step 2: Create a new store coupon:

Store Coupon

Step 3: Under the 'General' FastTab specify the description of the store coupon and fill in any other necessary fields.

Step 4: Under the 'Use Restriction' FastTab in the 'Type' field select whether the store coupon is valid for an Item, Product Group, Item Category or all items.

Step 5: In the 'No.' field select the corresponding number according to your choice in the 'Type' field.

This way you can create as many lines for each item, product group or item category as needed to include in the store coupon.


Using the 'Exclude' check box you can also forbid usage of the store coupon for any item, product group or item category.

Step 6: Under the 'Issue' FastTab, in the 'Calculation Type' field select 'Discount' and in the 'Discount Type' field select either amount or percentage discount type.

Step 7: In the 'Value' field specify the discount value the store coupon gives.

Step 8: Check and fill in any other necessary fields. For example, you can also define the number of items a store coupon needs to be valid in the 'No. of Items to Trigger' field or a quantity of items to which a coupon can be applied in the 'Apply to No. of Items' field or which item line the coupon should affect in the 'Affects' field. You can also define the period when the coupon should be valid under the 'Validation Period' FastTab.

Step 9: When the store coupon is created and all the necessary fields are filled in click 'Enable' at the top of the store coupon card to enable the coupon.

If the coupon has been applied to the order it is stored in the Sana Commerce Sales Document Fields of the sales order. To see the applied to the sales order coupon in Microsoft Dynamics NAV open the appropriate sales order and click on 'Sana Commerce' at the top:

Sana Commerce Sales Document Fields (Promotion/Coupon)

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