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Sana Commerce uses offers functionality of LS Retail NAV. Three offer types are supported by Sana Commerce:

Offer type Description
Discount Offer Discount offer is a discount from a regular price.
Multibuy Discount Multibuy discount is a discount which is activated by a quantity of products sold.
Mix & Match Mix & Match is a discount or deal price which is given on complex item combinations.

Discount offers can be set up at the following location: LS Retail - BackOffice > Offers.

Discount offers can be set up per:

  • Item Variants
  • Items
  • Product Groups
  • Item Categories
  • All (every item in the webshop)

Different offers can be valid for an item. However, an item cannot be included in separate discount offers at the same time. In this case an offer priority can be set. If different discount offers exist for an item, LS Retail will check for the enabled discount offers in the above order. This means that the higher level offer will be counted. For example as an Item precedes Product Group, then an offer set for an item will be applied.

You can easily see from the Retail Item Card all offers with that specific item. To see all offers with a specific item, open the retail item card and click on: Related Information > Sales > Offers.

If an item is included in any of the offers or several offers the offer description will be shown in the webshop on the product details page. Using In-site editor you can change the offer description retrieved from the offer card and create nice description per each available language in the webshop:

LS Retail Offer

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