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How to Use Sana Apps?



If you don't have a valid Sana license for your webstore domain, you will not be available to access Sana Apps.

If you install Sana on the test environment using a "localhost" domain or some other local domain, for example "*.webstore.local", or you use Sana Commerce SDK to customize the Sana project, you will still need the Sana license for the local domain to access Sana Apps. Please, contact Sana Support to generate the Sana license to be able to access Sana Apps.

For your own safety, we have implemented a number of precautions which depend on whether you have a standard Sana product or a customized project.

A Sana webstore administrator can disable installing, removing, updating and uploading the Sana add-ons, design packs and language packs when Sana is installed on the customer's environment. This is done so that the user cannot accidentally delete or update the add-on, design pack or language pack. To make sure that no user who has access to Sana Admin will not upload some broken design pack or add-on, or some package with the malicious code, uploading of add-ons, design packs or language packs can be also disabled.

Therefore, if you don't have permissions to install, remove, update or upload the add-ons, design packs and language packs, you should contact the person who is responsible for your webstore maintenance or hosting, this can also be your Sana project manager or partner.

Standard Sana Product

Sana customers running on the standard Sana product (both on-premise and in the cloud) can install, configure, upgrade and remove the Sana add-ons, design packs and language packs themselves directly in Sana Admin whenever they want.


Customized Sana Project

Those Sana customers who have a customized Sana project can access Sana Apps to see all available Sana add-ons, design packs and language packs, but they cannot install, upgrade or remove the add-ons and design packs themselves not to break the customized functionality. They need to contact their Sana project manager or Sana partner, if they want to install some add-on or design pack.

Starting from Sana 9.3.2, Sana customers who have a customized Sana web store can see a notification in Sana Admin. The message states that customers can install any add-on at their own risk, however some add-ons might not work properly in combination with some customizations or they might even break the customized functionality after the installation. Sana partners and Sana project managers can enable this message for the customized Sana projects in the "Web.config" file of the Sana Commerce Frontend.

Custom Add-ons, Design Packs and Language Packs


Custom add-ons and design packs (non-standard / unofficial apps created by other companies but not by Sana) are outside of our control. Thus, Sana cannot be responsible for it.

Sana SDK partners, Sana project teams and other companies can create any add-on and design pack, then upload and install it on the customer's environment directly in Sana Admin. This reduces the need to customize the Sana Commerce Framework.

Sana partners can also create language packs for a web store and install them on the customer's environment directly in Sana Admin.

All custom add-ons, design packs and language packs are not shared in Sana Apps. The custom add-ons, design packs and language packs implemented for a certain project and installed on the customer's environment are not shown in Sana Apps to all other users. Sana customers and partners can see there only the standard (official) Sana apps.

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