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Almost all add-ons (except MailChimp, Dotdigital, Product Feed Export and Import URL Redirects) can be installed directly from Sana Admin. Four add-ons mentioned earlier must be downloaded from Sana Community and installed manually on the Web server, like in the previous versions of Sana. These four add-ons will be available in Sana Apps in the next major Sana release.

Starting from Sana 9.3.2, instead of the tabs "Available add-ons" and "Installed add-ons" you can see only one tab "Add-ons". But you can now use the filter to see only installed add-ons.

All add-ons in the Sana Apps have been developed by Sana itself and we are constantly creating new add-ons. Here you can find the right add-on for your business needs - payment, delivery and marketing services, and different content elements.

You can see description and screenshots of the Sana add-ons, filter the add-ons by category and search for an add-on by name. Hover over the add-on thumbnail and click View details to see the description of the add-on.

Tab Description
Add-ons  Here you can see all Sana add-ons and their versions, install an add-on, configure, enable and disable, update, if there is a new version, and remove, if you no longer need it.

You can also use the filter to see only installed add-ons.

Upload add-ons  Here you can upload the add-ons. For example, Sana SDK partners can create custom add-ons for their customers and install them.

On this tab you can also see all installed add-ons - standard Sana add-ons and custom add-ons. You can enable and disable the installed add-on, configure and remove the add-on.

The custom add-ons uploaded to Sana are not shown on the "Add-ons" tab. Customers can see there only the standard Sana add-ons.

All custom add-ons are outside of our control. Thus, Sana cannot be responsible for it. 

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