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Starting from Sana 9.3.2, instead of the tabs "Available design packs" and "Installed design packs" you can see only one tab "Design packs". But you can now use the filter to see only installed design packs.

All design packs in the Sana Apps have been developed by Sana itself.

Design pack is a package which can contain store layout, page layouts and theme. By installing a design pack into Sana, the custom layouts and themes become available in Sana Admin to manage the webstore design.

If branding is essential to your company, it is important that your webstore has a consistent look. Store and page layouts, and themes are used to change the look and feel of your webstore.

You can see description and screenshots of the Sana design packs and search for a design pack by name. Hover over the design pack thumbnail and click View details to see the description of the design pack.

When you install a design pack, you can see the store layout, page layouts and a theme added with the design pack at the following location in Sana Admin: Setup > Design. There you can apply the store and page layouts of the installed design pack and activate the webstore theme.

Tab  Description 
Design packs  Here you can see all Sana design packs and their versions, install, update, if there is a new version, and remove, if you no longer need it.

You can also use the filter to see only installed design packs.

Upload design packs  Here you can upload the design packs. For example, Sana SDK partners or Sana project teams can create custom design packs for their customers and install them.

On this tab you can also see all installed design packs - standard Sana design packs and custom design packs. You can download the installed design pack and remove it.

The custom design packs uploaded to Sana are not shown on the "Design packs" tab. Customers can see there only the standard Sana design packs.

All custom design packs are outside of our control. Thus, Sana cannot be responsible for it.

For information about how to create a design pack, see "Design" on Sana Community. Only registered Sana partners can access this documentation.

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