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Enable Logging in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Logging in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is intended for saving XML requests and responses to/from NAS in run-time. But because this feature affects performance it is better to use it only for the debuging needs.
By default the logging feature is disabled. You can enable it in the 'Options' window which is located in the 'Setup' directory in the 'Sana Commerce' menu item in NAV.
Sana Commerce 'Options' Window 
'Enable logging' checkbox enables or disables the logging function.
'Logging Output Directory' text field is used for specifying the path to the folder in which the log files will be stored. Checking the correctness of the path is performed real-time when trying to save a log file. In case the path is incorrect an error log is created and can be viewed using the Windows Event Viewer.
If you use WCF + NAS connection you should restart the NAS to enable the logging feature. If you use NAV 2009 Web Service connection restarting is not needed.
SC_Nas user which runs the NAS service (or SC_Nav2009User which runs NAV 2009 Server) must have the 'write' permissions for the folder which is specified in the 'Logging Output Directory' text field.
Here is the example of the NAV log file name: '20164837.365response.xml'. It consists of the following information (from left to right):
'20' - date (day of the month) the log was created
'16' - hours
'48' - minutes
'37' - seconds
'365' - milliseconds
'response' - type of the log file (can be either 'request' or 'response')
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