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Virtual Directory Contact Us Page Error

When virtual directory is used to represent a webshop, the 'Contact us' reference might work incorrect.   Please see the figures below:

The 'Contact Us' Page. General View

This reference should be reconfigured in order for the link to work correct.  In order to do this, the 'Sana text' should be changed according to your virtual directory:
  • Login to the backoffice and open 'Sana texts'.

    The 'Sana Texts' Section in the Backoffice

  •  To find the text we need to change, type: 'Login_NoAccount' in the 'Group code' field.  Click 'Edit' to change the details.

    Sana Texts Editor. Enter the Group Code 'Login_NoAccount' to Find the According Record

  • Switch to HTML view in the editor window. 

    Sana Text Details Editor

  • Change the hyperlink reference according to your virtual directory:
    In the example below <a href="MyVirtualDirectory/en-us/contactus.aspx"> is used instead of <a href="/en-us/contactus.aspx">

    Sana Text Details Editor in HTML View
 After you have saved the changes, the reference should work correctly.
Knowledge BaseTroubleshooting