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Manage Content Pages

Adding a New Content Page
At the start page of the backoffice, you can choose 'Add content page', if you want to add a new content page.

Adding a New Content Page
Enter a title, group code (for example: jeans, coats, etc.) and main description for this content page.
With a group code you can group multiple content pages that have multiple languages, by using a code. This is important if the website contains more than one language.
At the bottom of the screen you can determine when the content page should be visible by selecting a start and end date. Even when you do not provide a start and end date the item will always be visible.
Selecting Channels
In case of a multi-site solution (e.g. and with multiple sites and multiple languages, channels are used to publish pages on the correct multi-site. Channels are a combination of a site and language.
A page can be linked to one or more channels. In this way it is possible to show an English article on two different multi-sites (for example an English site and a European site).
Select at the bottom of the page the channels on which the content page should be published by marking the checkbox in front of a channel name. Click the 'Save' button to save the content page.
If you want to edit or delete an existing content page use the and buttons in the content pages overview window.
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