InstallationSingle Server Deployment

Single Server Deployment

Configure the NAS

  • Open the newly installed Application Server Manager;
  • Click right on the root node, select 'New' and select 'Application Server':

    Creating a New Application Server 

  • Enter the hostname of the server and the NAS service name in the popup. Note that when for example the NAS service in the services manager window is called Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server DEV-UA-WS003-SQL you should fill in DEV-UA-WS003-SQL.
    Click the 'OK' button and when the application server manager was able to connect to the NAS service a new node is added under the root:

    Filling in the Application Server Parameters 

  • Select the new node and enter the NAS parameters with the following values:
    Database Server Name: Server name on which the NAV administration is installed.
    Database: Name of the NAV administration database.
    Company Name: Company name of the NAV administration to which SC needs to connect.
    Start-Up Parameter: SC.
    Net Type: TCP/IP Sockets.
    Object Cache Size (KB): 32000.
  • Click the 'Apply these settings' button when finished.

You should not yet start the NAS service, because you still have to configure the NAV administration first (next steps).

Please take into account that a user who runs the Sana Commerce web application and the NAS user who runs the NAS service process should have the same culture and regional settings. 

Running NAS in Debugging Mode 
In order to interact and detect problems with program logic you can start NAS in a debugging mode. To start the debugger from the NAV Application Server, you need to include the debug parameter at start-up. For example:
nas debug,startupparameter="test",servername=PC0123
You can also start NAS with a breakpoints parameter. This enables you to specify a particular file for saving and loading breakpoints and is done by adding the 'breakpoints' keyword and a path to the file:
nas debug,breakpoints=C:\file.xml,startupparameter="test",servername=PC0123
If you stop the debugger, you cannot start it again unless you terminate the NAV Application Server and then restart with the debug parameter.
To be able to start the debugger, you must ensure that there is a developer license file in the NAV Application Server installation folder.
Configure the SC Connection Setup 
In NAV the connection between the SC web applications and the NAV administration has to be configured. Since the SC is using a WCF service to communicate between the web applications and the NAV administration, two values have to be configured: the port number on which the WCF service is running and the protocol that is used to run the WCF service. 
When running the HTTPS protocol, make sure to request a SSL license file with a certification authority. In the development environment a test certificate can be used to test the HTTPS connection. More information about creating and installing SSL certificate can be found here. 
  • Open the NAV client, connect to the NAV administration and company, select 'Tools' in the top menu and select 'Object designer';
  • Click the 'Table' tab, locate and select the 'SC - Setup' table (ID = 11123305) and click the 'Run' button at the bottom;
  • Close the table and 'Object Designer'.
InstallationSingle Server Deployment