InstallationSingle Server Deployment

Single Server Deployment

Setup NAV2009 Server

This chapter is needed only when you are going to use Sana Commerce with NAV 2009 three-tier environment. It describes the installation and configuration of MS Dynamics NAV 2009 Server and Web Services.
Beware: if there is an older version of NAV already installed in the system during the installation of NAV 2009 the previous version will be deleted!

In order to install NAV 2009 Server and Web Services:
  • Run the installer from the NAV 2009 installation disk;
  • Click 'Choose an installation option':

    NAV 2009 Installer

  • Choose the 'Development Environment' option:

    Installation Options Page

After the installation is complete two new services will be available in the Windows 'Services' console:

NAV 2009 Services

InstallationSingle Server Deployment