InstallationSingle Server Deployment

Single Server Deployment


This document is a guideline for installing Sana Commerce - NAV Connector or Sana Commerce - SQL Provider (standalone). It covers the installation of Sana Commerce on a production server environment.
The objective of the installation is to have a running Sana Commerce (SC) web application on the server. From there on you have the opportunity to configure and design the web application further. 
Since Sana Commerce is a source code based framework, built on top of the .NET framework, it requires a certain technical level to be able to accomplish the installation. Knowledge of the following technologies is required to succeed: 
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1;
  • Internet Information Services (v6,7);
  • Windows Server 2003;
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005;
  • MS Dynamics NAV (depends on the NAV version you will be using; NAV Connector only);
  • Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (depends on the NAV version you will be using; NAV Connector only);
  • MS Dynamics NAV 2009 Server and Web Service (in case of using NAV 2009; NAV Connector only).
There are a few prerequisites that must be in place before you can install and configure Sana Commerce. These requirements will be described later in this document. 
As stated before this document is a guideline for installing Sana Commerce. Please note that additional steps may be required to meet your company development process / Quality Assurance (QA) requirements (Read the 'Optional Configuration Steps' chapter for more information on this). 
More information and documentation about Sana Commerce can be found on the Sana community portal:
InstallationSingle Server Deployment