InstallationSingle Server Deployment

Single Server Deployment

Create NT Users

  • To keep the production server secure, Sana Commerce requires that two Windows users should be created. This is necessary to limit the rights of the users. The first is a web user, whose task will be to login to the Sana Commerce backoffice. The second user is a NAS user, which will be used to run the Application Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (NAS) process. This last user is only required if the NAV connector will be installed;
  • From now on these two users will be referred to as SC_Webuser and SC_Nasuser;
  • Both local or domain users can be used. When using multiple servers, make sure the SC_Webuser is created on the web server and the SC_Nasuser ('SC_Nav2009User' in case of using NAV 2009 three-tier environment) is created on the NAS/NAV server.
InstallationSingle Server Deployment