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Setup a Foreign Language

In order to solve the issue with special symbols of foreign languages in NAV it is necessary to adapt the following settings: 
  • Change the Collation on a NAV database which supports the particular language. For instance, in order to make the German language supported, Collation on the NAV SQL database must be 'Latin1_General_CS_AS'
    * You can change the Collation using either NAV Client or a T-SQL script;

    Checking Collation in NAV SQL Database 

  • The Language for non-Unicode programs must be changed to the corresponding language. You should change the language in the 'Control Panel -> Regional Settings' on a server where NAS service is started. Also an appropriate code page must be installed;

    Changing Language 

  • The possibility to make some changes when using a certain language inside the NAV Client, will only present itself if all settings described earlier are applied on your local PC.

    Example of Displaying the Characters of the Foreign Language in NAV 
In case of using NAV 2009 you should also change the OEMCP key in the Windows registry:
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