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The navigation allows you to create custom navigation structure for the webshop.

When you create a new navigation tree you can select a language.  After saving, this language is fixed and cannot be changed. This means that you have a language-related tree.

The navigation is activated when the 'Use custom product navigation' option is enabled in the 'Settings -> Catalog' section:

The 'Use Custom Product Navigation' Option

The custom product navigation itself can be configured in the backoffice at the following location: Content -> Navigation.

In the default theme of the Starter Site there will be only up to 3 levels presented. But within the navigation tree you can create unlimited levels.

By default the Starter Site is delivered with two trees: one for the main menu and the other for the site map menu. By using the custom product navigation the category menu can be also created in the backoffice. The group code must be set in the backoffice for the appropriate type of the menu: for the main menu the group code is 'mainmenu', for the site map menu - 'sitemapmenu', for the category menu - 'categorymenu'.

The overall structure of the navigation tree is displayed on the left. It consists of the categories and sub-categories. The sub-categories can be viewed by clicking the 'arrow' sign. The names of invisible categories will have the grey colour.

The Navigation Tree

In order to specify the level of each navigation item the 'arrow' buttons are used:

Button Description
Change the navigation level of an item.
Change position of an item within one level in the navigation tree.
Create a new navigation item. Each new navigation item is created as a child item in relation to the item which was selected.
Delete an item. When a navigation item of a higher level is deleted all the items of the lower level are deleted too.

On the right side of the page the edit navigation item pane is presented. By using it you can:

  • Edit the title of an item;
  • Link the external URL or internal page to the navigation item;
  • Set the visibility of an item;
  • Select an image for each navigation item. These images are used when a product landing page is linked to the navigation and this product landing page has the property 'Show categories' enabled.

Editing the Navigation Tree

External URL - set the external URL when you want to make a reference to an external website.

Internal page - set the internal page when you want to link to a page within the webshop like for example a content page.

For more information about each type of the internal pages please read the 'Content' section.

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