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Product List Pages

The product list pages can be managed in the 'Content' module of the backoffice.

On the product list page of the Starter Site you can sort the products by item no. or title and paging is available.

The table below describes the fields of the 'Product list page' template:

Fields Description
Title The title of a product list page.
Group code Group code is used to group multiple product list pages that have multiple languages using a code.
Start & End dates You can determine when the product list page should be visible by selecting the start and end dates. If you leave these fields blank the product list page will always be visible.
Header The header for the product list page.
Product set You can add one product set to the product list page by clicking the  button. In the 'Product sets' page overview you can select (by clicking the 'Select' button), edit or add a new product set.
For more information about how to edit the product sets, please read this chapter.

When using the NAV Connector the product sets are retrieved from NAV. You can only select the product sets, but it is impossible to add, edit or delete them directly from the backoffice. Read this chapter to learn how to manage the product sets in the NAV Connector.
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