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Sana Texts

Sana texts are the text items that are shown on the Starter Site. Sana texts cover almost all text items: messages, error messages, validation messages, text of the links and buttons, titles and headers (except for the product titles and content page headers), field names, popup descriptions and titles, alt texts of the images, buttons and input fields and others.

Sana texts can be edited in the backoffice at the following location: Content -> Sana texts.

Sana texts can be filtered by description, group code and language.

If you edit Sana text and it is used in different places this Sana text will be updated everywhere it is used on the Starter Site.

To create a new Sana text you need to specify the group code, add description and set channels:

Name Description
Group code Group code is used to group multiple Sana texts that have multiple languages using a code.
Description The actual text that is shown on the Starter Site.
Channels In case of a multi-shop and multi-language solution channels are used to publish Sana texts on the correct webshop.

For the English and Dutch languages Sana texts exist in the backoffice by default. If you install the additional language in the Sana Commerce solution, the language-specific Sana texts will be automatically added by the language pack. More information about supported languages can be found here.

Adding a new Sana text is only useful in case of customization. It is not possible to add a new text item on a location on the Starter Site where no text is present.

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