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News Items

News items are news messages that are shown on the 'News Overview' page of the webshop.
In case of B2C and B2X scenarios, visitors of the webshop who do not have an account can also read these messages.
In case of B2B scenario, first a customer must login.
Creating a New News Item
Field Description
Title Enter a title for the news item.
Group code With a group code you can group multiple news items that have multiple languages, by using a code.
News item date Enter the date of the news item when it has been published. The news items in the webshop will be sorted based on this date.
Short description A short description of the news item. It will be placed near the main description.
Main description The actual news message text.
Start & End date Determine the period during which the news message should be displayed on the 'News Overview' page. Leave these fields blank to ensure the page is always visible.
Channels Select at the bottom of the page the channels on which the news page should be published by marking the check box in front of a channel name.
News Item Box on the 'News Overview' Page of the Webshop
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