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Product Sets

To manage product sets in NAV use the form 'Product Set' in the 'Webshop' menu item.

All product sets are stored here. Each of the product set has several fields, which are described in the table below:

Field Description
Code The code of the product set. This is a required field.
Title The name of the product set. If not set, the value of the 'Code' field will be used.
Filter The filter to show the subset of products. The filter has the NAV format.

The product set of the first level is always marked bold. The product set of lower levels can be distinguished by indent on the left side in the 'Title' field.

The Example of the Product Set Tree Structure
To specify the level of each product set use the navigation buttons in the top part of the window. The buttons 'Left' and 'Right' specify the product set level, while the buttons 'Up' and 'Down' are used to change the product set position in the tree.
You can create a new product set by adding a new row. By default each new product set will have the first level type in the tree.
If the 'Title' field is not specified, the code of a product set is displayed in the webshop instead.

To create a filter:

  •  Select a product set;
  • Click the  button in the 'Filter' field to open the 'Catalog Filters' window;
  • Select the item field name from the list. The 'Item' field list represents all fields which are available;
  • Click 'OK' to apply the filter to the selected field;
Several filters can be applied to one product set but only to different fields.

Selecting the Item Field Name

  •  Create a filter using standard NAV criteria. You can read more about the filter criteria in the NAV documentation;

The New Filter is Created

Product Set in Action

The 'Inherit Parent Filter' Option
For product sets, the 'Inherit Parent Filter' option is available. It can be enabled in the 'Webshop Card' window. When this option is enabled, the product set of the lower level inherits filter from the product set of the upper level. If two product sets have filters on the same field, the product set with the filter of the upper level is overridden by the lower level.

If the 'Inherit Parent Filter' option is disabled, only the product set filter of the lower level is used.

The 'Inherit Parent Filter' Option

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