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Order Options Management

Managing Billing and Shipping Addresses 
The billing and shipping addresses are managed in NAV. When no shipping addresses are available in NAV the billing address will also be the shipping address.
The billing address is retrieved from the customer or contact card: 

The Billing Address is Retrieved From the 'Customer Card'

To manage the shipping addresses:

  • Open a customer card and click on the 'Related Information' button;
  • Select 'Customer -> Ship-to Addresses'.

Selecting the 'Ship-to Addresses' Option to Manage Shipping Addresses

Managing of a Shipping Address 
Placing Reference no. or a Comment to an Order 
When placing an order it is possible to add a Reference number and Comment to the order; this will be visible in NAV. 
The entered reference number is available in the field 'External document no.' in the NAV sales order:

Display of an Order with Reference no. and Comment 
The entered comment is available in the 'Comment' field. This is a related field and is available by clicking on the  button next to the order number.
Editing an Order 
A Sales Agent can edit pending orders of a customer when he represents him. 

There are two ways of editing the order:

  • Open the 'Pending orders' page and search for the order which should be edited. You will see the 'Edit' button in the last column:

    The 'Edit' Button on the 'Pending Orders' Page

  • Open the 'Order details page' of the order that you are going to edit. You will see the 'Edit' button at the bottom right corner of the page:

    The 'Edit' Button on the Order Details Page
From now on, you are free to change the quantity of existing products in the shopping basket, delete them or add new items to it. Order processing is performed the same way as the regular order placement but you need to remember:
  • By default selected shipping address on the 'Billing/Shipping' page remains the same as in the original order, but you can choose a different address if you need to;
  • Information from the 'Reference no.' and 'Comments' fields on the 'Order overview' page is also pre-filled with the data taken from the original order, but can be changed if it is necessary;
  • A placed order will overwrite the original one, but its number will remain the same.
The order can be edited in the webshop, only if it has the status 'Open' in NAV: 
Order Status Field on the 'Sales Order' Form in NAV
You can check the versioning history of each order to see what information was changed (in case of using the 'Edit order' function):
  • Open the 'Sales Order' window;
  • Locate the 'No. of Archived Versions' field. It displays the number of changes made to the order.
The 'Sales Order Archive' Window 
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