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Catalog Filter

The catalog filter can be set when you want only a subset of the catalog to be presented in the webshop.

For example if you have several webshops and you want to show only products from a certain brand in each webshop you can set a catalog filter for this brand.

The filter specified at a multi-shop level is applied everywhere the products are shown in the webshop.

Both 'Product sets' filter and 'Catalog' filter can be combined. At first a 'Catalog' filter will be applied. As a result of setting a catalog filter, additional filters will be always applied to the subset of products.

Product sets filter: No.>70070
Webshop catalog filter: No. 70060..70075
The result of the subset of products will be: 70070..70075

In order to set a catalog filter, the form 'Webshops' should be used. It is located in the 'Webshop' menu item.

Select the item field name from the list. The 'Field List' window represents all the normal and active fields that are available in the 'Items' window. The filter will be applied to this selected field.

Several filters can be applied to one item but only to different fields.

Setting the Catalog Filter

When a catalog filter in the NAV Connector is set, the 'Refresh site cache' button in 'Sana Commerce - Backoffice' should be clicked.

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