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NAV Specific

Configure the Prospect Template

Each country in the 'Country' dropdown list on the 'Create prospect' page has its own prospect template based on the customer template card in NAV. This card specifies the currency type, discounts and posting groups that the newly created prospect will have.
To configure the prospect template:

Step 1: Open the NAV client.

Step 2: Select 'Sales & Marketing > Sales > Setup > Customer Templates':

'Customer Template Card' 
More information about the 'Customer Template Card' can be found in the 'Configure the Prospect functionality' chapter.
Different countries have their own VAT number format. This format can be specified in NAV for each country by the Shop Administrator. If a unique VAT format for a selected country is specified, then during the prospect creation the Shop Administrator can only enter the VAT number in the 'VAT number' field in this format.
To specify the VAT format for a country:

Step 1: Open the NAV client.

Step 2: Select 'Sales & Marketing > Sales > Setup > Customer Templates'.

Step 3: Select 'Administration > Application Setup > General > Countries/Regions'.

Step 4: Select a country, click the 'Related Information -> Country/Region' button, and select 'VAT Reg. No. Formats':

Specifying the VAT Format for a Country

Step 5: You can specify the VAT number format for this country in the 'VAT Reg. No. Formats' window:

The VAT Number Format for the Netherlands in the 'VAT Reg. No. Formats' Window 

You can use three symbols to specify the VAT number format:
  • '#' - means digit;
  • '@' - means letter;
  • '?' - means digit or letter.
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