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NAV Specific

Make Items Visible in the Webshop

Items can be made visible/invisible on the frontend in NAV. To make an item visible/invisible in the webshop:
Step 1: Go to 'Sales & Marketing > Inventory & Pricing' and click on 'Items'.
Step 2: Open an item card and check if the check box 'Blocked' in the 'General' tab is marked:

'Item Card' with the 'Blocked' Check Box
Step 3: Open the 'E-Commerce' tab and mark the check box 'Visible in webshop':

Make the Item Visible in the Webshop 
When you use NAV with the Pebblestone Fashion module, you should open the 'Fashion' tab and set the item status in the 'Item Status' field in order to change the item availability in the webshop.
Blocking the Item in NAV with the Pebblestone Fashion Module 
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