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How to Activate and Set Action Prices

The 'Action prices' setting can be activated in the webshop in order to promote your products with lower prices.  Below you can find a brief description about pricing policy in the webshop.

There is a 'unit' price for each product which is the price you set for a product.  In general it is called the 'action price' as it is the price for which you actually sell the product to the customer. 
In order to promote your product with lower prices you set the 'sales unit' price for a product.  When the 'sales unit' price is set, the user can show or hide the 'unit' price for all products by activating the 'Action prices' setting.  The 'Action price' setting can be activated in the backoffice in the 'Settings -> Catalog' option. For more information please read the 'Catalog' chapter.
When the 'Action prices' setting is activated then the 'unit' price and 'sales unit' price will be shown together.  The 'unit' price will be marked strikethrough. The 'best' price (the 'action price') will be shown in bold font on the right of the 'unit' price.  If the 'Action prices' setting is not activated then only the 'sales unit' price will be shown for a product.
The example of the activated 'Action prices' setting is shown on the figure below.

The Example of the Activated 'Action Prices' Setting
To set the sales unit price:

Step 1: Open the NAV client.

Step 2: Select 'Sales & Marketing -> Inventory & Pricing -> Items' to open 'Item Card'.

Step 3: Switch to 'Invoicing' tab and locate the 'Unit Price' field:

    The 'Item Card' Window

    The unit price is set in the 'Unit Price' field.

Step 4: Click on the 'Related Information -> Sales' button and select 'Prices' to locate 'Sales Prices' table:


    The 'Sales Prices' Table

Step 5: Locate the 'Unit Price' column. The 'sales unit' price is set in the 'Unit Price' cell.

  • There are three possible ways to set the 'sales unit' price relative to 'unit' price:

    • Set the 'sales unit' price lower than the 'unit' price as it is the matter of promotion of your product with lower prices;
    • If you set even prices only the 'best' price ('sales unit' price) will be shown;
    • If you set the 'sales unit' price higher than the 'unit' price, the 'best' price will be shown and 'unit' price will be marked strikethrough.

    Please make sure that you set the 'sales unit' price lower or at least even to 'unit' price.
When you wish to set the 'sales unit' price for a product with variants you may set the price for all product variants or for each variant independently.  
Use the 'Sales Type' column to select the type of the user or group of users for whom you wish to apply the 'sales unit' price.
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