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Sana Commerce 8.2
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FAQ Pages

FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages can be managed in the 'Content' module of the Sana Commerce backoffice.

FAQ page is used to make a list of questions and answers, which provide a better understanding of a particular topic.

To create a FAQ page enter the title of the page and its group code. You can also create a header and a footer for the FAQ page by adding some content using the HTML editor.

Then you can use the FAQ editor to create the list of questions and related answers:

FAQ Editor

The overall structure of the FAQ page is presented as a list or tree. The list of questions can be managed to the left of the item editor using the toolbar or context menu.

To the right of the FAQ page items you can specify the title of an individual question, make a question visible or invisible and type an answer to the related question.

Channels are used to publish a FAQ page to the webshop or several webshops. For information about channels see 'Channels'.

When the FAQ page is created it can be added to the webshop navigation. In the webshop the FAQ page is presented with a list of questions. Each question can be expanded to see an answer.

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