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Sana Commerce 8.2
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The 'Redirects' option in the Sana Commerce backoffice is used to create the alias-based short URLs (for example: This option allows you to use alias-based short URLs in promotions for the webshop.

An alias is easier to remember than a full path. It can contain strong words which will improve the ranking in search engines.

Go to 'Content -> Redirects' in the backoffice to create the redirects:

Create a Redirect

To create a redirect do the following:

Step 1: Identify an appropriate alias. Use the most common word or a phrase for a page to which a redirect will be created.

The 'Alias' field should NOT contain any of these special characters:

                             +  \  /  . *  '  "  : ;  |  %  #  ?  &  ^ <  >  ~  `  {}

Step 2: Set an external URL or internal link:

  • 'External URL' - to create a redirect to the external website. A redirect to the language-specific page within a webshop can be created also. A link of the external website or language-specific page must be copied to the 'External URL' field;
  • 'Internal link' - to create a redirect to the page within a webshop. These pages are language-independent. Select a page to which a redirect should be created.
When you are redirected to the language-independent page, it will be opened in the language which has been used during the last webshop visit.

If you are redirected to the page and have not entered the webshop before, it will be opened using the default language of the webshop.

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