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NAV Specific

Configure the Webshop

Create and configure the webshop in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

Step 1: Click: Departments > Webshop > Webshops.

Step 2: Create a new record and fill in the fields.

Webshop Card

The table below provides the description of the Webshop Card fields.

Option Description
ID The webshop ID. The webshop ID should be exactly the same as the one specified during installation of Sana Commerce on Web and database server and that is stored in the Sana Commerce SQL database.
Default: SanaStore
Template Customer No. The template customer set on the Webshop Card is used to show prices for the not logged in visitors of the webshop. Location code set on the template customer is used to suggest items from a particular inventory location and is copied to the newly registered B2C customer. The template customer is also used for product indexing. If a template customer is not specified the product indexing task will fail. The template customer should be created in the Customers table. This is a required field.
For more information, see 'B2C Customer Registration'.
Payment Method Code The payment method code that is used for sales orders during the online order payment. When the online payment has been placed, this payment method code will be recorded into the sales order. This is an optional field.
Online Payment These are the accounts that are used to create sales lines for the shipping and payment costs that are returned from the Sana Commerce webshop when a customer places and order and selects the shipping and payment methods during checkout. This means that the shipping and payment costs coming from the webshop will be booked on these accounts and stored as the sales lines in the sales order. The accounts specified for online payments and shipments should allow direct booking. These are the required fields.
Online Shipment
Catalog Filter The filter which can be set if only a subset of the catalog must be presented in the webshop.
For more information, see 'Catalog Filter'.

Now the webshop is created in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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