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NAV Specific

Related Items Management

Use the Item Substitution Entry table in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage the related items.

Open the Item Card and click: Related Information > Item > Substitutions.

Managing Related Items 
The table below provides the description of the item substitution entry fields:
Field Description
Substitute No. The item code of the related item.
Description The name of the item.
Relation Type The number of the related group in which the item should be shown.
Sort No. The ranking on the product details page from left to right.
When a new relation type is made for the item, it will be shown in the webshop. In the webshop the related items are shown on the product details under the product on the right.
Four related items can be shown at once on the product details page. If more related items should be added, another group of items can be created using the Relation Type field. There is no limitation to the number of groups that can be created. The name of the relation will be automatically generated based on the number of the relation type that has been entered in NAV. 
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