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Sana Commerce 9.3
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Get Started with Sana Pay

Request a Test Account

Get started with Sana Pay by asking your Sana Commerce representative to connect your beta webstore to a Sana Pay test account. Sana Commerce has a Sana Pay test account that you can use to test online payments. The Sana Pay test account gives you access to the test Customer Area where you can see your test payment transactions.


A test account lets you try out Sana Pay, but does not guarantee that you will be able to process live payments.


Apply for a Live Account

A live account allows you to accept payments from your shoppers using Sana Pay. Because Sana Pay is a payment provider, we are legally obliged to do detailed checks when you apply for a live account.

Before applying for a live account, make sure you have done the following:

  1. Check the list of prohibited or restricted products and services.
  2. If your business is eligible and you have any questions about Sana Pay or Sana Pay+, contact your Sana project manager or customer success manager. At this point, the onboarding process will begin, and you will receive all the information you need to apply for the Sana Pay live account.
  3. Review the application requirements for a live account.

Contact your Sana Commerce representative and apply for a live Sana Pay account.

Sign the Contract and Get Your Live Account

If your application is approved, we send you the contract. If your integration uses card payments, we also send you a data security attestation form. Complete this form based on your technical integration to ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

Once we've received your signed contract and the completed data security attestation form, you get access to your live Customer Area. The user who created the test account receives the login instructions by email.

Configure Sana Pay

To start accepting live payments using your Sana Pay live account, you must first configure Sana Pay. Your Sana Commerce representative or product specialist will configure most of the Sana Pay settings for you. You will need to create the necessary payment methods in Sana Admin.