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There can be different reasons why you cannot process payments with your Sana Pay account, for example wrong settings in the Sana Pay add-on or in the Sana Pay payment system.

Below you can also see some of the problems and their causes that you may encounter when using Sana Pay and configuring something wrong. The information in this article may help you find the cause of the issue, if there are any, and fix them when using Sana Pay.

To find out the reason, the first step is to check the Sana logs. In Sana Admin click: Tools > Logs. Check the trace logs and payment logs. For example, if something wrong with the checkout process, most probably you will find the reason in the trace log.

Trace log example:

If something wrong with the integration between Sana Commerce and Sana Pay, most probably you will find the reason in the payment log.

Payment log example:

If you have any problems with Sana Pay, please contact your Sana Commerce representative.