Sana Pay

Sana Commerce 9.3
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Sana Pay Configuration

When you apply for a live Sana Pay account, most of the setup will be done by a Sana product specialist or service consultant. This is one of the many advantages of Sana Pay over other payment service providers supported by Sana.

Sana Pay Settings

The Sana Pay add-on has various settings, such as API credentials to connect the Sana webstore to the Sana Pay payment system, merchant account where all payments are processed, and notification settings that are used to inform Sana Commerce about payment status updates and ensure that all payment stages have been processed.

All of the above settings are configured by our product specialists or service consultants, or the necessary information is sent to the webstore owner for further configuration. Most of the setup will be done at your merchant account level when we create a Sana Pay live account for you. We will ask you for the information we need to set up Sana Pay for you, such as what payment methods you need.

When everything is configured, to start accepting live payments using your Sana Pay live account, you will need to create the necessary payment methods in Sana Admin.

If you have any questions, please contact your Sana Commerce representative.