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Merchant Accounts


Merchant accounts are created and configured by Sana for you. Please, contact your Sana Commerce representative if you have any questions.

With Sana Pay, you have a single company account and one or more merchant accounts. Your company account represents your business entity and holds all your merchant accounts.

All your payments are processed in merchant accounts. The merchant account is where you receive your order or invoice payments.

Sana Pay supports multiple merchant accounts. This means that all your payment transactions can be processed for different merchant accounts in Sana Pay. Having fewer merchant accounts simplifies your operations and minimizes the number of reports you need for reconciliation. You need a separate merchant account for each legal entity that you process payments with. For example, if you do business in different countries and have a legal entity in those countries.

If you have multiple webstores, we will create a separate merchant account for each webstore. We do not recommend to use one merchant account for all webstores you have, since it can cause some issues.