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Sana Pay FAQ

Sana Pay provides a consistent and convenient payment experience for your Sana webstore integrated with Microsoft Dynamics or SAP.

Below you can see a list of frequently asked questions about Sana Pay. They will help you clarify any questions, and remove obstacles you may have on your path to choosing and using this payment service provider.

What is Sana Pay?

Sana Pay is the payment add-on recommended by Sana for any type of the webstore. Sana Pay uses a powerful ecosystem and provides an optimized, native payment experience in your Sana webstore.

What is the price of Sana Pay?

We charge fees on a transaction basis, without any hidden costs. For each transaction, we charge a fixed processing fee + a fee determined by the payment method. See more.

Do I have to sign a contract to use Sana Pay?

Yes, Sana customers always sign up for Sana Pay. See more.

I'm interested in Sana Pay, where do I start?

Get started with Sana Pay.

Which payment methods, countries and currencies does Sana Pay support?

See Supported Payment Methods, Countries and Currencies.

Why did Sana release their own PSP?

With Sana Pay, Sana can focus on a preferred payment solution that covers the primary and growth regions with payment methods, country and currency support. This helps us focus on what our customers need, assist them with finding which payment service provider is the most suitable for them.

What are the advantages of Sana Pay?

With Sana Pay we offer:

  • Quick start and go live with Sana Pay payment service provider.
  • A wide support for payment methods, countries and currencies.
  • Native payment experience in the Sana webstore checkout.
  • Save credit cards for future payments to make checkout fast and convenient that results in a higher conversion rate.
  • Credit card input validation in the Sana webstore checkout.

What are Sana Pay application requirements, what documents do I need to prepare if I want to become a customer?

The application (KYC) requirements are carefully described in the article Requirements for Sana Pay Live Account. If merchants prepare their application and the KYC process carefully, they can go live within 5 business days.

Because Sana Pay is a payment provider and acquirer, the detailed checks are performed when you apply for a live account. When working on the contract and applying for the live account, you will need:

  • To go through the KYC process to proof your identity.
  • To process online payments, you will need to share URLs to your terms and conditions, privacy policy, delivery information, refund policy and contact information. These can be URLs to either your live webstore or a test webstore, if you are still in process of testing the application.

    If the links are not available yet, for example because you are in process of setting up your webstore, you can also provide the screenshots or PDF files of the required documents. You will need to send all required webstore documentation by email.

Are there any prohibited or restricted industries from working with Sana Pay?

Sana Pay has a list of products and services that are restricted or prohibited from using Sana Pay services. Depending on products and services you are selling, some industries may be prohibited or restricted from working with Sana Pay. Check if any restrictions or prohibitions are applicable to your business. If you have any questions, contact your Sana Commerce representative.

How easy is it to configure Sana Pay?

Sana Pay is mainly configured by a Sana product specialist or service consultant. See more.