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Developer Workstation Installation

Configure the Backoffice Users

As described in the 'Start the Web Application' chapter, the Sana Commerce backoffice comes with one backoffice user out of the box: boadmin. When additional backoffice users are required or properties (username or password) of the existing user must be changed, you can use the ASP.NET Web administration tool to accomplish this.
This tool, which is delivered with ASP.NET, allows you to view and manage the website configuration. 
  • Select the backoffice project in the solution explorer in Visual Studio 2008;
  • Click the 'ASP.NET Configuration' button in the 'Solution Explorer' top bar: 

    Selecting the ASP.NET Web Administration Tool 

Now the ASP.NET Configuration website has opened.

  • To create a new user, select 'Security > Create user'. In the 'Create user' form, make sure to select the 'Shopadministrator' role. This is needed for a user to be able to login into the backoffice;

    Adding a New Backoffice User 

  • To manage an existing user, select 'Security > Manage users'.
You can also manage backoffice users directly in the backoffice. Please follow this link to read more.
InstallationDeveloper Workstation Installation