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Developer Workstation Installation

Set Rights in NAV

These steps can only be accomplished by a user that already has the Super or Security roles in the NAV administration. This is because these users can only allow access to other users. This is done in order to set NAV database administrators and continue the installation of Sana Commerce.
Before you start with this step, be sure to know which user accounts must be given access to NAV. This depends on your development process. For example this can be only your own windows account or all accounts from your project team members. But when you have installed the NAS service (previous step) you have to make sure that the windows account that will be used to run the NAS service (Log On As user) has been given access. 
When working in a project team, it can be useful to create a windows user group for the project team to which team members will be added. This group can be used to give rights on different places (like this step). The advantage is that when the composition of the project team changes, you only have to adjust one place. 
Add the 'Super role' to user accounts which will use the NAV administration: 
  • Open the MS Dynamics NAV client and connect to the NAV administration with credentials that have enough rights to allow access to other users (you must have the Super or Security role). Ask your system administrator, if you do not have access yourself;
  • Go to 'Tools > Security > Windows Logins' and enter the windows user account (with domain name!) in an empty row;
  • Click the 'Roles' button at the bottom, lookup the 'Super' role and select it;

    Selecting a Role in NAV 

  • Close the windows to finish the setup.

In the steps described earlier a Windows login has been given the 'Super' role, but the same steps can be applied when a database login is given the rights.

InstallationDeveloper Workstation Installation