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Item Groups Management

The products can be grouped based on its characteristics:

Step 1: To create and manage the item groups go to: Inventory and warehouse management -> Setup -> Inventory -> Item groups.

Step 2: On the 'Setup' fast tab use the 'Visible in webshop' checkbox to make the item group visible or invisible in webshop the same as the product:

Visible in Webshop Item Group

If you make the item group invisible, products assigned to the item group will be still visible. Only the item group becomes invisible in the webshop.

Click 'Translations' at the top of the 'Item groups' form if you need to translate the item group name into different languages.

When the item groups are created, the products can be assigned to the appropriate item groups. This can be done on the 'Released product details' form, the 'Manage costs' fast tab.

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