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Product Attributes

Applies to Sana Commerce 8.3 SP1 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

If you classify products using product category with the 'Procurement category hierarchy' type, then you can assign product attributes to the product categories. Product attributes are product characteristics that can be used to extend webshop search and also for filtering of products in the webshop using facets.

To assign product attributes to the procurement category hierarchy in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012:

The procurement category hierarchy should be already created. In AX it is possible to create only one product category of the 'Procurement category hierarchy' type. For more information, see 'Product Categories'.

Step 1: Click: Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Categories > Procurement categories:

Procurement Category Hierarchy: Product Attributes

Step 2: Use this form to assign product attributes to the procurement product category under the 'Product attributes' FastTab. Click 'Add' to assign any product attribute.

You can add product attributes at a parent category level and then require subcategories to inherit all product attributes from the parent category. You can also manage the product attributes for each subcategory individually.

Product attributes added to a category will be used for all products that belong to this category.

You can change the default product attribute value per product. Select the necessary released product and click 'Product attributes' on the action pane. Use the 'Product attribute values' form to set the product attribute values per each product:

Product Attribute Values

To manage the list of product attributes that can be assigned to the procurement category hierarchy click:

Product information management > Setup > Attributes > Attribute types: Use this form to define the attribute types and default values that you can select when you define attributes for products and categories in the 'Attributes' form.

Product information management > Setup > Attributes > Attributes: Use this form to manage the list of available attributes as well as translate the attributes names into any language.

When product attributes and values are set for the procurement category hierarchy and products you can go to the Sana Commerce backoffice > Settings > Search and extend your webshop search capabilities with product attributes. You can add product attributes to the search index, keyword and facet fields. In the 'Field name' dropdowns of each section you can see the fields with the '[Attribute]' tag that corresponds to the product attributes set in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

For information about search settings, see 'Search'.

Product attributes from AX can be used not only to extend your webshop search capabilities, but also for product attributes configuration in the Sana Commerce backoffice.

For more information about product attributes in the Sana Commerce backoffice, see 'Product Attributes'.

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