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Address Format

Using the 'Address format' dropdown you can select the address template which should be used in the webshop.

The address template can be set in the Sana Commerce backoffice -> Settings -> Checkout -> Address format.

The address templates are available for three address standards: European Union, North America and The Netherlands:

Address Format

The selected address template will be applied to all the places in the webshop where the address information is used: 'Creating a new account', 'Your details' and 'Prospect details' pages and on the second step of the checkout process, where a customer needs to specify the address the order should be delivered to.

The difference between the 'European Union' and 'North America' address formats is in the 'State' field only which is available in the North American address format. This means that if the North American address format is set and there are states for the selected country in the webshop, the 'State' dropdown will be available with the list of all states for the selected country:

European Union Address Format

North America Address Format

'The Netherlands' address format contains the 'Street' and 'House number' fields instead of 'Address' and 'Address 2' which are available in the 'European Union' and 'North America' address formats:

The Netherlands Address Format

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