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Quick Order

Quick order gives customers the alternative way to purchase quickly. This is especially true for B2B customers who need to fulfill large orders.

Quick order is managed in the Sana Commerce backoffice -> Settings -> Checkout.
Here you can select for whom the Quick order should be available:

Quick Order

You can also enable or disable the option 'Show product images on the quick order page':

With 'Show Product Images on the Quick Order Page' Option Enabled

With 'Show Product Images on the Quick Order Page' Option Disabled

On the frontend the quick order page is available from the 'Welcome' section in the header, if the customer is logged in (B2B customers only), and from the Shopping basket. It can be also added to the navigation as a system page.

Customers can quickly add the products to the basket from a single page in the webshop. You can search for a product by its item number as well as product name. The 'Item' field on the 'Quick order' page supports autocomplete which simplifies product search.

'Save as template' (for B2B customers only) and 'Add to wish list' are also available on the quick order page.

Once all the products are selected, clicking the 'Add to basket' button on the frontend results in adding all selected products to the basket.

This is a real time saving for the customers, especially if they are ordering 5 or more products each time. For B2B customers with large orders, quick order is really the only way to serve their needs.

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