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Backoffice Users

Sana Commerce backoffice users are managed in the 'Settings' module.

Use backoffice users manager to create, edit or delete Sana Commerce backoffice users:

Create New Backoffice User

Edit Backoffice User

Make sure that your username and password are strong enough. Do not use the words such as 'admin', 'administrator', a webshop name or your name because these words are predictable and can be easily guessed.

For a password, use the combination of letters, capital letters, special characters and numbers.

On the 'Backoffice users' overview page and on the 'Edit backoffice user' page there is a check box 'EULA accepted'. This option indicates whether the backoffice user accepted the Sana Software end-user license agreement.

When the 'EULA accepted' check box is selected this means that the license agreement is accepted by the user. When the check box is clear the license agreement is not accepted by the user.

For more information see 'Enter the Backoffice'.

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