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Wish List

A user can add products to the wish list in the webshop.  A user can create the list of desired products which can be possibly bought in the future. 
Go to 'Settings -> General' to activate the 'Wish list' option. 
After the 'Wish list' option is activated, the user will see the 'Add to wish list' link only on the product detail page.
The user will also see the 'Wish list' link in the top header of the webshop.
A sales agent should impersonate as a customer first to be able to use the wish list functionality.
The customer is redirected to the wish list page when he logs in to the webshop.
If a sales agent is impersonated as a customer he will be redirected to the shop home page.
It is possible to add a product to the wish list in case the product is:
  • A 'single' product;
  • A product with variants in 'Dropdown' display mode, but only in case certain variant is chosen;
  • A 'BOM'.
The 'Add to wish list' link is not presented in 'Matrix' display mode for product with variants.
The item will not be added to the wish list if the same product or the same variant of the product was chosen by the user.

If a certain variant of a product was added to the wish list the item will be shown for the specified color/size variant of the product.
On the wish list page it is possible to add the products to the basket or delete them from the wish list.
The user will see the products which were added to the wish list, even if the stock becomes empty afterwards. 
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