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You can configure the catalog of products. It can be configured in the 'Settings -> Catalog' category.

The table below describes the settings which can be configured in the 'Catalog' category:

Option Scenario Description
Variants display mode B2B, B2C, B2X This option changes the display of variants from the matrix table to dropdown list on the 'Product Details' page.
Action prices B2B, B2C, B2X This check box enables action prices.
Depending on your provider you can read more about the 'Action prices' functionality in the 'Item Prices Configuration in NAV' or 'Product Prices Configuration in AX' chapter.
Product availability B2B, B2C, B2X When the 'Depending on stock' option is selected the availability of a product in the shop is checked each time it is added to the shopping basket. Be aware that enabling of this option can cause performance problems.
Note: This option should be set to 'Always available' when the 'Edit order' option is going to be used.
Customer Assortment B2B, B2X This option allows a shop administrator to optimize the products catalog with products that appeal to all customers as well as products targeted to the individual customers.

Available assortment modes:

  • Complete
  • Additional
  • Customer Specific

For more detailed information about assortment modes see 'Customer Assortment'.

Amount of results B2B, B2C, B2X This section allows to change the amount of results shown on the search results and product list pages from dropdown to links. The amount of results can be also disabled by selecting 'Do not show'.
You can also select the available amounts of results to be shown in a dropdown or as links (10, 25, 50 or All) and set the default amount of results to be shown per page.
Pricing, ordering and stock presentation B2B, B2C, B2X

This section allows to enable ('View and order') and disable ordering ('View only') per user group (B2B, B2C, Sales agents). Depending on the selected value in the 'Products presentation' dropdown the customers and sales agents can see and order the products or only see them.

You can also show or hide prices and stock information per user group and change the stock presentation from the amount of the available products to the indicator on the product details page. You can change the icons of the stock presentation as well as provide translations of its titles and alt texts using the HTML editor. The stock icons can be also changed via Frontend editor.
For more information about stock icons, see 'File explorer' and watch our video tutorial 'Webshop Icons'.

Units of measurement B2B, B2C, B2X This section allows to configure units of measurement for the products catalog of the webshop. Here you can enable/disable units of measure presentation in the webshop, configure the rounding of the quantities per unit of measure and select the units of measurement (units of mass and length) for products, which are used for the shipping rates calculation.

For more detailed information see 'Units of measurement'.

The 'Inventory level' section allows you to specify stock ranges for each category on the webshop. You can specify the maximum number of items per category that will represent you stock as being 'Out of stock', 'Low stock' or 'In stock'.

Specifying Stock Ranges

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