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Edit Order

Business customers and sales agents can edit sales orders.

To allow business customers and/or sales agents edit sales orders the option Edit order should be enabled in Sana Admin: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering.

Business customers/sales agents can edit the order from the order details in the web store. It is possible to change the quantity of a product in the basket, delete products or add new products. When you edit the order the ordering process is the same as if you place a regular order.

When a customer is editing the order:

  • The shipping address remains the same as in the original order, but it can be changed.
  • Reference no. and comments are prefilled with information from the original order, but can be changed.
  • It will overwrite the original order, but its ID will remain the same.

It is possible to edit the sales order only if its status is Open in SAP Business One.

Sales Order: Open Status

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