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Units of Measure

When you place an order in the Sana Commerce web store, you specify a product quantity and you are able to choose a unit of measure if available.

Manage the list of units of measure

In SAP Business One click: Administration > Setup > Inventory > Units of Measure.

Units of Measure

Use the Units of Measure window to manage the list of available units of measure.

Each unit of measure can be made visible/invisible in the web store. Right-click on the row number and select Make visible / Make invisible to make a unit of measure visible/invisible. If visibility is set to false the unit of measure will not be used in the web store.

The units of measure names can be translated into different languages. Click on the Translations button in the UoM Name field.

Unit of measure groups

In SAP Business One click: Administration > Setup > Inventory > Unit of Measure Groups.

Unit of Measure Groups

A unit of measure group is a set of units of measure that you can use for a certain product. Each unit of measure group has a base unit of measure. All the other units of measure belonging to this group are related to this base unit of measure by conversion rules.

You can assign a unit of measure group to an item. When you use different units of measure for the item, SAP Business One automatically processes the differences in units of measure according to their conversion rules. There you can specify quantity values that match the conversion rate between the alternate unit of measure and the base unit of measure. For example, you can convert pieces into box, determining how many items are in one box.

Set up sales unit of measure

For each item you should set up sales unit of measure. This can be done in the Item Master Data, under the Sales Data tab. Sales unit of measure set for an item is used as the default one.

Item Master Data

Click the Browse button on the right of the Sales UoM Code field to add/remove units of measure that should be used for the item and set the default sales unit of measure.

To give a customer possibility to select a unit of measure in the web store you should also enable units of measure in Sana Admin: Setup > Products > Units of measure. For more information about units of measure settings in Sana Admin, see 'Products'.

If multiple units of measure are not set for an item in SAP Business One, only the sales unit of measure set in the Item Master Data will be shown in the web store.

If multiple units of measure are added to an item in SAP Business One, and Unit of measure selection is enabled in Sana Admin, then in the webstore there will be a dropdown where a customer can select with which unit of measure he/she wants to order the product.

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