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Sales agents can place orders on behalf of their business customers. A sales agent can also create a prospect customer and place an order on behalf of this prospect.

To be able to create prospects the option Create prospects should be enabled in Sana Admin: Setup > Customer > Profile fields > Prospect profile. Here you can also manage the prospect profile form used in the web store to create a prospect.

For more information, see 'Profile fields'.

To create a prospect log in the web store as a sales agent and on the My account page click Create a prospect order.
You will see the Prospect details form where you need to enter the personal information of your prospect customer, like name and address.

Prospect Details

Countries that are shown in the Country list on the Prospect details form should be configured in SAP Business One. Click: Administration > Setup > Business Partners > Countries. Make sure that for all countries that should be available in the Country list in the web store there is a Template Customer and the value of the Visible in Web Store field is set to 'Y'. Use the Business Partner Master Data to create template customers. Template customers should be predefined with data, like currency type, discounts and posting groups that will be copied to the prospect.


When a sales agent places an order on behalf of the prospect, the ordering process is just the same as if a sales agent represents a regular business customer.

When you enter prospect details in the web store a prospect is saved in SAP Business One as a business partner of a Lead type. When the prospect order is placed it is saved in SAP Business One as a sales quotation.

Note that a sales agent can use a prospect only once. If a sales agent logs out or stops representing the prospect it will not be possible to represent this prospect again and place an order. If a prospect wants to become a regular customer the customer can be created from the lead in SAP Business One and a sales quotation can be copied to the sales order.

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