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Locations and Warehouses

In SAP Business One click: Administration > Setup > Inventory > Locations.


Use the Locations window to define geographical locations for warehouses. Locations set in this window are used to suggest items to a customer from a particular warehouse location.

In SAP Business One click: Administration > Setup > Inventory > Warehouses.

Warehouse Location

Use the Warehouses window to specify all the general information about the warehouses your company uses.

In the Location field select the warehouse location specified in the Locations window.

Set up the default warehouse

In SAP Business One click: Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > Inventory.

Under the Inventory tab in the Default Warehouse field select the default warehouse to be used for suggesting the items from a particular warehouse location when delivering goods.

Item Master Data: Inventory Data

Products can be stored in one particular warehouse or in different warehouses. In the Item Master Data, under the Inventory Data tab, you can specify in which warehouse the item is stored. This can be one warehouse or several warehouses.

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