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Sana Commerce Web Store Setup

In SAP Business One click: Web Store > Setup > Parameters.

Sana Commerce Web Store Setup

Use the Setup window to enable Sana Commerce functionality and logging in SAP Business One.

The table below provides description of the settings in the Setup window.

Settings Description
Enable Sana Commerce

Use this option to enable/disable Sana Commerce functionality in SAP Business One.

When Sana Commerce is disabled all windows (except Setup), fields and options added with the Sana Commerce add-on become invisible in SAP Business One and the Sana Commerce web store does not work.

Logging In SAP Business One logging is used to save XML requests and responses that are sent from/to SAP in run-time.

By default logging is disabled as it affects performance. Thus, it is better to use logging only for debugging purposes.

Use Enable Logging to enable/disable logging in SAP Business One.

In the Logging Output Directory specify the path to the folder where the log files should be stored. The user who runs the SAP Business One service must have 'write' permissions on the folder which is specified in the Logging Output Directory field.

DI Server Settings DI Server settings should be configured right after Sana Commerce add-on has been installed into SAP Business One. This is a part of the Sana Commerce add-on installation.

Here you should enter credentials of the SAP Business One user and SQL database, and the language culture name of the database.

For more information, see 'Configure Sana Commerce Add-on'.

Remove UDT/UDF Removes all user-defined tables and fields of the Sana Commerce add-on. This will remove all data you have set up for the Sana Commerce web store.
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