Sana Commerce 9.3
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Configure Consignor


Before using the Consignor, you should become a Consignor Integrator. You can still use the Consignor test account to integrate Sana with Consignor, but the shipping costs and pickup locations may not be available for the shipping providers and their shipping methods.

If you use the Consignor test account, then take into consideration that the shipping costs may be incorrect and may change without a prior notification.

When you have all the necessary information from Consignor, you can start configuring the Consignor add-on in Sana Admin.

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Apps > Add-ons. When the Consignor add-on is installed, you can configure it from any tab on the Add-ons page by clicking on the Configure button . Find the Consignor add-on and install it, if it is not installed yet.

Step 2: Configure the Consignor connection settings.

Field Description
Service URL Enter the shipment server URL. There are two shipment servers: one for the production environment and another for the test environment.

You can find the service URL here.

Server Key Enter the server key. You can get the server key when you become a Consignor Integrator.
The server key for the test environment is sample.
    Test server key does not work for the production environment.

Once the Consignor is configured, you can create the Consignor shipping methods.