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Sana Commerce 8.2
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Four types of navigation can be created and managed in the backoffice: top, left, sitemap and footer. More information about navigation management can be found here.

The webshop navigation presentation can be configured in the backoffice: Settings -> Navigation:

Webshop Navigation Settings

The table below provides the description of the navigation settings which can be set in the backoffice:

Setting Description
Main navigation Type of navigation which is used for the breadcrumb menu. The selected main navigation is also used on the product description pages to choose main navigation item.
Main navigation must correspond to one of the configured navigations. In other case the breadcrumb will not be visible on the frontend.
Breadcrumb visible The option which enables/disables the navigation breadcrumb visibility on the frontend.
Navigation The list of all group codes of the navigations (navigation data source). Using this dropdown you can choose the navigation by the related group code.
Starting level The navigation level which will be shown on the frontend as the starting one.
Levels to show The number of navigation levels which are shown on the frontend. The maximum number of levels differs for each type of navigation.
Choose navigation presentation The presentation of the top navigation on the frontend. Two different presentations of the top navigation can be set: 'Dropdown' and 'Multicolumn dropdown'.
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