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Sana Commerce 8.2
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Shipping Providers

Sana Commerce supports two different shipping providers:

  • Shipping provider with fixed shipping rates based on the country and currency, order weight and order amount.
Shipping rate by country and order total is available for the SQL Provider only.
  • Shipping provider with FedEx shipping services real-time integration. This allows to calculate the shipping costs by FedEx in real-time depending on the selected FedEx shipping method, customer's shipping address, actual weight and dimensions of the package.
The FedEx shipping provider is available as an add-on. Therefore to be able to use FedEx, you should install FedEx add-on.

Shipping providers are managed in the Sana Commerce backoffice -> Settings -> Shipping providers:

Shipping Providers

Here a shop administrator is able to manage shipping providers, methods and rates, configure the default shipping costs and enable/disable shipping providers and methods.

The following shipping providers configuration sections are available:

  Shipping rates

The default shipping cost can be also set per currency. This is a shipping cost which is shown on the basket overview page for anonymous users or when shipping methods are not available.

For information about default shipping cost see 'Default Estimated Shipping Cost'.

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